Registration and Directory

Registration takes place between June and September. Leaders can register all existing troop members on line during this period. Troops can earn “Early Bird” patches by registering by end July.  The SEGS Directory is made available in September. Contact with all corrections/updates for troop leader contacts and email addresses.

GSHH Portal and Support

The GSHH Portal is an access point for troop advice and guidance and getting a troop login.  You will need to first set up a member account. GS USA also runs a 1-800 helpline at 1 (800) 478-7248.

Troop Financial Reports 

Leaders must complete a Troop Financial Report by the end of June of each year. Send completed reports to the SEGS Treasurer, Susanne Vleck, at 11 Circle Road. You need to include the May or June Troop Bank statement. You can find the form here


See Training link on Girl Scouts Heart of the Hudson web site for all scheduled courses and registration forms. New Leaders need to take both the Community Orientation course, and a Volunteer Essentials Course before they can be registered as leaders and be issued a troop number. One leader for each troop must have First Aid/CPR, or be a medical professional. At least one leader must have Overnight Indoor Training (OIT) to go on any overnight and at least one leader must have Overnight Outdoor Training (OOT) to go tent camping. No exceptions!!!!! Get trained THIS YEAR. It is valid forever. One leader must also have level training. Plan ahead.


Remember you need to take a Parent Permission Form for every girl attending the trip with you ON EVERY TRIP.
Click hereto see the required adult-to-girl ratios for meetings and trips at each level of scouting.
BK Mungia maintains the Community Log for any troop not meeting at its usual meeting spot, so please report field trips and other event-related travel to BK at 472-4053 or email with a full list of girls, leaders and adult volunteers attending, as well as the back home contact.

Trips out of Council (e.g. into the Bronx or Manhattan) need to be registered 3 weeks in advance with Pat Elwell, our local rep at the GSHH Pleasantville Office. You need to complete this Trip Notification Form and send it with copies of your training cards and First Aid/CPR certification to our Service Unit Manager first, at asking her to forward  Pat Elwell in Council so that the trip can be logged and covered by GS insurance.

Girl Scout Fundraising
QSP (sales of magazine subscriptions and small confectionery items) takes place in the fall. Cookie sales (door to door sales and booth sales) are held in February-March. For more information see the Fundraisers page.

Using the Betty Taubert Girl Scout House on Wayside Lane

Visit this site to reserve the Girl Scout House for meetings through the year or for an ad hoc event or to see if other Girl Scout Houses in our area (New Rochelle, Tuckahoe, Larchmont etc) are available – good places to go for first or second overnight trips!  Keys are available from BK Munguia (472-4053).

Troops using the house for meetings may store supplies in the locked closet in the entry. Keep it neat. If space becomes an issue, we will have to limit space per troop.
BEFORE leaving the house, check that:
– stoves (both) are off
– lights are off
– floor is vacuumed
– tables are wiped down…NO sticky tables
– bathrooms in order
– trash is in containers

Assign these chores to the girls (except for stoves and doors); keep track and hold a special PARTY every so often to acknowledge the girls’ hard work. NO GLITTER upstairs…do that downstairs. Finally…TAKE YOUR GARBAGE OUT after your meeting and place it in the wooden bins at the end of the drive.

Contacting other leaders

Please let have items to include on the monthly leaders’ meetings agendas.

Share your events with the local community

Send info on your troop’s activities to the Scarsdale Inquirer, 5th floor of the Harwood Building. Include your name, troop # and phone number on any submissions. Mail, drop off or email articles and photos(in JPEG format; with identification for each person) to Please also send a copy to Lisa Lawless.

Fundraising for troops, trips, and scout-related purpose

You will need to fill out a Money Earning Application  form

What to do when your troop disbands

Notify SEGS registrar, and Treasurer, Susanne Vleck, as soon as possible. Troop money may be spent by the troop as long as the troop and leader(s) are still registered Girl Scouts. Remember, after September 30th a new Girl Scout year begins. If you are not registered for that new year, all GS funds must be returned to SEGS. All money received will be put to good use for programs and events for our girls. You may also earmark part or all funds for a particular purpose (i.e. Camping, senior gifts, Betty Taubert GSH maintenance, etc.).

To finalize and officially disband, please send a copy of your last bank statement and a check for the entire amount to the SEGS Treasurer, Susanne Vleck, 11 Circle Road, Scarsdale. After the check clears, please visit or call your bank branch and close the account.

Please do not send troop money to GSHH.

Graduating 12th grade senior troops- please disburse all funds by either spending it with the girls or donating some or all remaining money to SEGS. Earmarking a certain amount to a particular program can be a lovely parting gift. Please send your final troop financial report, bank statement (and check, if applicable) to Susanne Vleck by July 1.

If your troop merges with another troop, the old troop’s funds should be transferred to the continuing troop.  Please send a check for the balance in your checking account, and a final troop financial report and bank statement to the continuing troop’s leader.