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Emphasis is upon contemporary music education with training and experiences designed to meet the varying needs of today's schools. Free session during the virtual NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) 2021 event, 18-22 January. For a public hearing, the electronic method the public body uses for the meeting must be widely available to the public and must permit the public to converse with witnesses and receive documentary testimony and physical evidence. The responsibility for meeting this requirement rests with the School District and as such, should provide staff with the appropriate PPE. Any change, including additional requirements like a waiver of liability, must be negotiated with the union prior to implementation. As Ohio Legislators are the only statutory authority able to extend, and/or suspend the administration of the Third Grade Guarantee Assessment requirement, the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) offers these approaches to address Covid19 related circumstances: Districts using Hybrid Models should arrange to assess students when they are physically present, “Districts are arranging for students to come to school to be assessed”1, In cases where “bringing in students…for assessments creates logistical challenges… districts should make a good-faith effort… to prioritize the assessment and development of RIMPs for those students most in need.”1, 1Further guidance from ODE can be found at http://education.ohio.gov/Topics/Reset-and-Restart/Reading-Diagnostic-and-Remediation-Activity. Can I take FMLA leave to care for my child during the COVID-19 epidemic? A bulletin outlining the CARES Act impact on your 403(b) or 457(b) is available HERE. For those individuals decreasing or eliminating their election, any change cannot reduce the annual election below what has already been spent out of the account. My teaching license is coming up for renewal, what should I do? However, if you believe that your district is improperly reporting its COVID-19 data, you can file a complaint with the Ohio Department of Health by calling this number: (800) 342-0553. What provisions/exemptions are being considered if there are Resident Educator mentoring and/or leadership activities that cannot be completed due to the mandated COVID-19 school closures? LIBERTY CENTER — A COVID-19 update and student success were topics of discussion during the Liberty Center Local Board of Education meeting Monday. This reporting process means that there will be lags between when school districts receive information about COVID-19 cases and when the Ohio Department of Health publishes that data on its dashboard, so a discrepancy between numbers “on the ground” in a district and on the dashboard does not necessarily mean that your district is not properly reporting its data. How should Fall and year-long supplemental contracts be handled? Music educators in District 1 strive to deliver the very best opportunities in all aspects of music education to their students, schools, and communities. “So, everybody who’s sick right now can get better, everybody who’s quarantining right now can fill out that quarantine and […] LEAs include both traditional K-12 public schools, as well as charter schools, but they do not include private schools. Many colleges and universities face particular reopening challenges, such as maintaining safe residence halls and promoting behaviors that reduce the spread of coronavirus. Reductions for individual districts can be found in an Excel spreadsheet found here: Calculation of the funding reduction amounts for traditional school districts in FY 2020. On May 5th, Governor Mike DeWine announced a $775 million budget reduction for FY 2020. You should contact your supervisor/principal to determine how the school district is recommending you proceed with fingerprint collection. The Ohio Department of Health opened a call center to answer questions from the public regarding coronavirus (COVID-19). Each local health department is required to report the number of newly reported cases each Tuesday to the Ohio Department of Health, who will aggregate and publish the data, by student and staff, each Thursday. This document complements OEA’s earlier checklist, “Advocating for Members, Students, and Communities” and the Ohio Department of Education’s (ODE’s) “Reset and Restart Education Planning Guide for Ohio Schools and Districts” by providing a framework for analyzing school reopening plans that locals can use for member advocacy. Two-thirds the employee’s rate of pay (up to $200 per day) if the employee is caring for someone who is subject to a government quarantine order or has been advised by a health care provider to self-quarantine. However, local mentoring programming may need to be revised and adjusted, subject to bargaining, during the COVID-19 crisis. Immediately notify their supervisor, local union representative, and Labor Relations Consultant, File a claim with the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation at, List the date(s) of any previous negative COVID-19 test, Create a list of people that you have been in contact with outside of the workplace, over the previous 14 days, Compile a list of the protocols you employ in your daily life to limit exposure to COVID-19, Keep your union representative and/or Labor Relations Consultant updated regarding any developments with your claim, No congregating before or after practices, rehearsals, or performances, Directors, staff, volunteers, and audience members must wear face masks, Performers must wear face masks when not performing, For indoor performances, the audience limit is the lesser of 15% of fixed seating capacity or 300 individuals, and venue seating must allow for six feet of social distancing, Prior to competitions involving multiple performing groups, organizers must alert the local health department.
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