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A subreddit for students, staff, alumni, and anyone else at McMaster University in Hamilton, Canada. Former Mac student renter, current student landlord here. It will be a full house at McMaster this fall. Is it too early to be looking for a lease starting in May? January is typically the right time, however some students may be holding off resigning their lease due to not knowing if school will be online next year, so houses may come available throughout the spring. However, Mac’s tuition and res is cheaper than most other schools but off campus housing is pretty much the same if u … Students will be encouraged to branch out into the community with tours, social events, and tech-related volunteer experiences at the university and in the surrounding area. The program, which is voluntary for interested landlords, is intended to serve as a starting point for students when looking for off-campus housing options. When I went to Mac in the 90s, there were lots of 4-bedroom houses for rent. Likewise landlords who don't care about you or your neighbours vs those who do. First-year students with averages of 75 and over were guaranteed a place in residence in admission offers from McMaster. To make searching worse, many houses listed on as "whole house / 4 bedroom" are often just half of a house - frustrating for people looking for a whole house for a small group, and also for landlords such as myself since when I advertise a four-bedroom house I really mean it. Don’t give up! Being close to campus is definitely an advantage but it wouldnt hurt to look in other areas too. Over the past month or so, we’ve mostly seen places for 5-7 people but we only have 4 people in our group, and because it’s online this year it’s been tough making new friends/finding other roommates. If you are external to McMaster, please create or login to your existing account. But you can still rent four-bedroom houses - there just aren't as many as there used to be. Yeah, we’re considering expanding our group based off of what we’re seeing available. Show 30 minute walk. Did you expand your group to 6 before finding the house you liked, or were you able to sign as 5? There have only been 1 or 2 places that we really liked and wanted to sign day of, but when we called back soon after our showings they were already leased. Who knows. Places4Students provides students, schools, and landlords with the highest quality off-campus housing registry service. I personally found better places including the one i signed with tht are ~15-20 minutes walking distance from mac! Sign-In. McMaster Off-Campus Housing connects prospective tenants to landlords with available properties. McMaster has a posting board for off-campus housing which is arguably not very good. Listings on the site are owned by private landlords and are not property of the University. The content of all listings are provided by the landlords. If you’re looking for rentals of off campus housing for students, Hazelview Properties offers a wide variety of student rental housing near many of Canada’s colleges and universities. The map shows apartments for rent, rentals, and off campus housing near McMaster University in Hamilton. Close. Share this item on Reddit reddit Copy article link Copy link McMaster University is still facing opposition from neighbours as it pushes ahead with plans for a massive off-campus residence. Pick a day once a week to see what’s available. Question. This new 340,000 square foot building of multi-functional space opened in fall 2019 and is the largest building on campus. 20 Matching Apartments It features a 500-bed residence and conference facility on floors 4 through 10. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays* 1:30pm – 3:00pm I would suggest being open to living with other people, so that your search process is easier and you find better housing situations. All prospective tenants are encouraged to obtain legal advice before signing any lease or agreement. I found a couple of those last year when I was searching by myself, and they were impressive and also cheap in rent. Another option is to search for apartment style houses, where the landlords renovate houses, so that each floor a different unit. Im asking in case my current group finds a 5/6 person house and wants to jump on it before our larger group is complete. You don’t have to look downtown - just further down in the student neighbourhoods that are a bit more of a walk from campus. I guess what I’m asking is, is it hard to find decent/nice housing for 4 people with a good landlord?
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